When do you feel most free?
I would say: "When I am me".
That to me is real Liberty...
As it comes from knowing
my true identity!

I now realize I can just 'BE',
Before I struggled in
being able to see,
To know my heart was free
and that I'm enough as just me.
As I didn't realise that was

As my mind is transformed,
my life will be free?
But those are not the messages
that surround, you and me?!
Often we might think it's
in being size nought,
However I now realise that
'beauty' starts with a thought!


Have you ever feared
to be the real you?
To be broken and cracked,
to let your light shine through?
I know how it feels to
want to be 'alright'.
To keep your emotions in
and out of others sight.

However the real freedom
came when I let it all out.
All the pain, the anger,
the fear and doubt.
Creating these into artwork,
then fabrics that show Liberty.
I now want to dress others
in the beauty of their identity.

In realising "I am not perfect"
and never will I be.
This truth is what has
allowed me to be free.
So this is now what
I want others to see
That in being who we are:
we find TRUE beauty.