Bespoke design options:



Identity pieces -

These creatively reflect who you are through colour. I don't have to know you in order for this to happen. It would be a real honour to create for you or for a friend (if it's a gift). 


Therapia style -

These are a collaboration of yours and mine. You create a picture of a certain feeling. Then from that drawing it will be created into a masterpiece of colour and unique creativity for you to decide whether you want to wear it or have it on your stationary of choice.


How it Works



1. CHOOSE from design options (ABOVE)

Choose from either the 'identity' piece or 'therapy style' design.


2. design is made

The design is made as either a collaboration or singular piece and then created into a print, uniquely just for you!


3.choose product 

Once the design is made you get the chance to select which product you would most like your print to be printed onto.

CLOTHING: Scarf, bow tie & handkerchief or leggings
OBJECTS: Phone case or journal.

DESIGN examples

The designs you see below were created by different people. Each one was in a particularly hard or uncomfortable situation and turned their emotions into a drawing / painting.
These were then created into the prints you see below. An accompanying poem was created specifically for their situation too.




You are a fighter. 
When your fears
might try to cripple. 
Put the feelings into colour. 
Form a new ripple. 
Fear can feel ugly,
something that overtakes. 
Yet out of those feelings is
something you can make. 
Something beautiful,
that requires a process. 
Something messy that
helps you readdress your life. 
Stepping into your identity, as an “overcomer”. 
Nothing holding you back, you are a winner. 
Glimmers of hope appearing,
as the colour turns into beauty. 
Facing fear, becoming truly free. 
mh small.jpg



There is real power in transparency. 
Being truly honest, lets you be free. 
Opening up to the struggles going on inside. 
Speaking those out and bringing shame into the light. 
You are brave. 
You are bright. 
You are beautiful. 
Speak out the truths. 
Almost the opposite of what you believe.
Speak those out until the truth is what you see. 
You are enough. You are able. You have a beautiful body. 
Transparency is key. 
Transparency isn’t weakness. 
Transparency brings liberty. 
Transparency is full of beauty. 
Healed heart

healed heart

Sometimes you’re at the heights. 
Sometimes you’re at your lows.
Don’t let yourself compare - 
as your unique story is aglow. 
There’s nothing wrong with you. 
You’re beautiful how you are. 
Don’t hide your worries, anxieties or scars. 
Let yourself be real. 
To really feel how you feel. 
Don’t cover it up. 
Sit still. Look up. 
Each part of your journey is significant. 
Nothing is left undone.
Each part has endless hope. 
Don’t let the waves overcome. 
Keep up your head. 
Remain strong. 
One step at a time. 
You have already won!